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Address:Louwang town Yancheng City Jiangsu Province In China

Company Name Project Date Note
Maanshan Fuheng Automobile Interior Decoration Co.,Ltd. Injection cooling water circulation system 2014-04  
南京依维柯汽车有限公司 Electrophoresis coating line 2014-03  
陕西东铝车辆系统股份有限公司 Surface treatment station 2014-02  
合肥常青机械制造有限公司 Drying room and paint room air supply system 2014-02  
镇江索达汽车零部件有限公司 Axle electrophoretic coating production line 2014-01  
珠海市广通汽车有限公司 car transporter craft, lifts 2013-12  
珠海市广通汽车有限公司 Plate conveyor assembly line 2013-12  
江苏金锐达汽车配件有限公司 200,000 new dashboard and other plastic parts coating line project 2013-09  
北汽黄骅公司车架涂装车间 Coating production line 2013-08  
安徽华菱汽车股份有限公司 Frame axle coating line 2013年7  
珠海市广通汽车有限公司 Bus Painting Equipment 2013-07  
HuBei Dayun Automobile Co.,Ltd. Coating production line between the trailer 2013-07  
上海安亭汇众汽车有限公司 Spray booth, drying room, grinding room, coating production line 2013-07  
上海汇众汽车制造有限公司 Car pre-treatment, electrophoresis equipment renovation project (I)  2013-06  
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science&Technology Co., Ltd.  Small spray booth / Recycling Water Festival / self-gourd 2013-06  
合肥常菱汽车零部件有限公司 Rotary spray booth water project 2013-05  
上海安亭汇众汽车有限公司 Car spray booth, drying room equipment renovation project (I)  2013-05  
湖南华菱汽车有限公司 Heavy truck body drying chamber works  2013-05  
北京汽车制造厂有限公司(三期) Two pipeline systems and air conditioning take plenum 2013-04  
奇瑞重工股份有限公司(二期) Excavators structure blasting machine coating line and finish line  2013-04  

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